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About Success Mastery

Success Mastery is the Brainchild of Serial Entrepreneurs, Investors, Author's and International Speakers, James Nicholson and Jessen James.

After being fed up with too many so called 'GURUS' out there making empty promises to hard working Entrepreneurs whilst taking their money, James and Jessen decided it was time to create something unique in the Business, Marketing & Personal Development space.

By joining forces, James Brought his extensive knowledge in Digital Marketing to the table and Jessen his seasoned Business Development Skills to create Success Mastery. A new and unique Learning Resource for Entrepreneurs to help the grow, scale and Profit from their Businesses. Absolutely NO 'Get Rich Quick' or 'Live on a Beach Sipping Pina Coladas' BS here, just solid, proven Business, Marketing & Personal Growth strategies that work in the REAL world!

Having made over £30 Million using these exact strategies themselves, James & Jessen's only wish is that you do the right things in business and stop following disingenuous 'GURUS' who have no other interest other than selling you a dream!
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